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Rural Home Loans

Lone star rural home loans
Lone Star Ag Credit offers the rural homeowner long-term financing at competitive rates.

Loans are available for

  • Country home purchase
  • Refinancing a country home
  • Construction of country homes

Key Criteria for Eligible Rural Home Loans

  • Property must be located outside city limits or within a town of 2,500 or less population
  • Contributory value of dwelling should be at least 50% of total appraised value
  • Single-family, owner-occupied home
  • Maximum loan-to-value ratio is 85% (restrictions apply)
  • Secured by first lien
  • Private Mortgage Insurance required on loans with loan value greater than 80%

Key Criteria for Eligible Part-Time Farm/Rural Home Loans

  • Must be capable of agricultural production
  • 5-acre minimum of $5,000 in gross farm income
  • No limit on dwelling value
  • Multiple dwellings allowed
  • Single-family detached/owner-occupied/primary or secondary home
  • Purchase/Limited Cash Out Refinances available for up to 85% loan-to-appraised value ratio.

There are many advantages to this program. Please Contact your local office for further details.