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Operating Capital, Equipment, and Livestock Loans

Lone Star operating equipment livestock loans
When you need a loan to cover farm or ranch operating expenses, or you want to refinance current debt, contact Lone Star Ag Credit.

Features of Short- and Intermediate-Term Loans:

  • Available to part-time, full-time and investor farmers and ranchers, as well as to agribusiness firms
  • Repayment terms tailored to match the production and marketing cycle of the commodity being financed
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Loan servicing handled locally by agricultural lending specialists

Loan Purposes:

  • Cattle purchases (stocker, cow/calf or feedlot)
  • Equipment purchases (new and used)
  • Operating expenses, such as feed, seed and chemical purchases and veterinary bills
  • Agribusiness financing:
    • Dairy
    • Timber and sawmill operations
    • Nurseries
    • Cotton gins
    • Feedlot operations
    • Poultry operations
    • Commodity, ag processing and marketing companies