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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

To be the lender of choice to all of agriculture and enhance the quality of life in rural America by providing financial solutions in the communities we serve.

Our Values

Seven core values form the foundation of Lone Star's business culture. These values guide management and the Board of Directors as they drive the strategic direction of Lone Star, ACA. The seven values are:


The foundation of every interaction


We accept and embrace responsibility


We will be here when times are good, and when times are tough


Deliver exceptional service to our existing and prospective members


Work smart to achieve maximum results from the Team's effort and talent


Every transaction should be approached from a prospective of adding value


Working together, a Team can achieve greater things

Lone Star's long term viability is rooted in making deliberate decisions through this lens of values, and within the context of the Internal Control environment regardless of the competitive environment or the influence of internal or external forces. The Association also has a fiduciary responsibility to the Integrity and well-being of the Farm Credit System and to the member-stockholders of Lone Star. We are committed to safeguarding the institution's resources; producing reliable financial reports; ensuring compliance with laws and regulations; reducing the possibility of significant errors and irregularities, and detecting errors in a timely manner if they do occur. We are charged with a public policy role to support farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, rural homeowners and part-time operators with their sound and constructive credit needs and related services – and we strive to accomplish this for the long term.

Our values only become relevant if we accept and embrace Accountability to carry them out in all our duties. We recognize and fully agree that in order for the institution to achieve its Mission, our commitment to performing our duties as required by the Internal Control environment should be infused into our culture, and supersede any tendency to neglect those duties. If we lose our commitment or ability to remain accountable – we are not fulfilling our role, and the institution will not survive. Performing with accountability over time establishes the Integrity and Credibility we desire and intend to be known by. We must heed the lessons of the past and leverage the knowledge to avoid future risks.

Dependability begins with the Board and management's commitment towards maintaining a stable financial profile. This is paramount in order for Lone Star to provide for the needs of its current and prospective membership through all the economic cycles and uncertainties that lay ahead. For any lending institution, this level of dependability is directly correlated to the quality of decisions that shape the financial posture of the institution and the characteristics of its loan portfolio. At Lone Star, we pursue a deliberate financial profile that will ensure our capacity to lend and provide a strong return for our members. In regard to the loan portfolio, all new loans are expected to be soundly underwritten, properly structured, and with pricing reflective of the recognized risk and market. Existing loans that do not display these characteristics are expected to transition to these principles as opportunities arise. This on-going, dynamic risk identification mindset is an essential management strategy that helps us achieve the highest level of dependability.

Lone Star is highly Responsive within our competitive and volatile market place. We recognize that new sources and delivery systems of financing and capital are pursuing the customer bases we have historically served. Unfortunately, not all of these sources are committed or sustainable in providing solutions to our membership through the economic cycles that will certainly come. Therefore, we remain passionate about pursuing quality business opportunities amidst this ever- changing market. The entire TEAM at Lone Star desires to meet the needs of each existing and prospective member in a vested way that others have not, and will not over the long haul. We continue to develop competitive loan products, services and delivery systems that will strengthen the Association's performance and ability to achieve its Mission.

We are in constant pursuit of Efficiency throughout our entire operating environment, balanced with thoughtful and prudent risk assessment, in accordance with our Internal Controls environment. We strive for proficiency in all we do, so we can deliver quickly and consistently to our Members without compromising quality or the control process. Throughout our underwriting, lending and supporting administrative processes, we value and encourage communication and constructive feedback from all our highly skilled Team members. Combining this energy with the implementation of new technologies and tools, well-documented processes and procedures, our membership ultimately benefits from increased productivity and profitability.

At Lone Star, we recognize and understand that the dynamic world we operate in can be stressful at times. Pressures come from all directions, and many times from sources we cannot control. We have a reputation for bringing a courteous and solution-minded attitude to every situation we encounter. Whether it's a prospective member pursuing a transaction amidst competition and a tight deadline, or the Lone Star Team members working side-by-side to make it all come together; we know that our attitude of courteous Stewardship contributes to a better business environment for everyone involved.

Lone Star knows that the only way to achieve our Mission is through the performance of highly effective Teamwork. The institution we are today has been built upon the innovative talents and creative energy of committed individuals, working in a cohesive manner towards our common objectives while maintaining crucial internal controls and segregation of duties. Our culture demands cooperative efforts at the highest level, and we take this serious as we hire, train and retain our Team members. We must also retain the institutional knowledge acquired through time and utilize in Risk Management and building operational efficiencies.